D.Sc. in Russian Language and Literature

Associate Dean of Alumni Education, Columbia College

Adjunct Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures 

President, International Dostoevsky Society (2007-2013)

Honorary President, International Dostoevsky Society (2013-present)

Executive Secretary, North American Dostoevsky Society (1998-2013)



2016  Donald Barton Johnson Award for the best essay published in Nabokov Studies that year: “Lolita as Petersburg Text.”

2012  Lehrpreis zur Förderung von Innovationen in der Lehre from the University of Leuphana for her Skype class “Love and Madness: Reading Nabokov’s Lolita.”


Ph.D. Thesis: Dostoevsky and the Temptation of Rhetoric, 1990


Research interests: Dostoevsky, Nineteenth-Century Russian Prose, Narrative and Rhetorical Theory, Shame Studies and the Novel.


Selected Works



- Surprised by Shame: Dostoevsky’s Liars and Narrative Exposure. OSU Narrative Series, 2003. 273 p. In English.

- Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment: A Reader’s Guide (forthcoming Academic Studies Press, 2021).


Curatorial Works

- Martinsen, Deborah, editor. Literary Journals in Imperial Russia. Cambridge 1997. 265 p. In English.

- Martinsen, Deborah, et al, editors. Teaching Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature: Essays in Honor of Robert L. Belknap. Academic Studies Press, 2014. In English.

- Martinsen, Deborah, and Olga Mairova, editors. Dostoevsky in Context. Cambridge, 2016. 329 p. In English.


Teaching experience

Associate Dean of Alumni Education, Adjunct Associate Professor of Russian and Comparative Literature, and Adjunct Lecturer of English and Comparative Literature.