Author: Maria M. Alekseeva
Information about the author:

student, Novgorod region, Kholm.

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For citation:

Alekseeva M.M. The Flower motif in Dostoevsky’s novel White nights. Dostoevsky and World Culture. 2019. № 1(5). Pp. 177-182.

Issue: 2019 № 1(5)
Pages: 177-182
DOI: 10.22455/2619-0311-2019-1-177-182
UDK: 82+821.161.1
BBK: 83+83.3(2=411.2)
Keywords: Dostoevsky, motif, flower, White nights, dreamer, Nastenka, epigraph, Turgenev’s poem.

Abstract: The article concerns the motif of flowers and its role in Dostoevsky’s novel White nights. The motif permeates the whole novel and manifests itself when the characters, nature, or single moments are compared with flowers, thus sending the reader’s thought to the epigraph. The article examines the influence of Turgenev’s poem “The Flower” on the novel.



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