Author: Daria A. Troshkova
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student, Novgorod region, Parfinsky district, Parfino

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Troshkova D.A. About Musical Instruments of Egor Efimov in F.M. Dostoevsky’s Novel Netochka Nezvanova. Dostoevsky and World Culture, 2019, No 2(6), pp. 225–230.

Issue: 2019 № 2(6)
Pages: 225-230
UDK: 82+821.161.1
BBK: 83+83.3(2=411.2)
Keywords: Dostoyevsky, Netochka Nezvanova, musical instruments, violin, clarinet, music.

Abstract: the article is devoted to an attempt to study the musical instruments belonging to Egor Efimov: the clarinet, which by its nature is close to the hero, and the violin as the image of death in the story. To do this, we studied the origin of the instruments, the specifics of their appearance, storage and sound in the novel.



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