The structure of Dostoevsky and World Culture. Philological journal presents both regular and recurrent sections.


Regular sections:

  • Hermeneutics. Slow Reading
  • Poetics. Context


Recurrent sections:

  • Dostoevsky in the 20th and 21st Centuries
  • Dostoevsky: His Readings*
  • Dostoevsky: Translation Problems
  • Dostoevsky: Current State of Research
  • Juvenile Readings in Staraya Russa
  • Commentary: Problems
  • Textual Criticism
  • Biography
  • Archive
  • Museum
  • Dostoevsky on Stage
  • Reviews, Summaries


*For the section “Dostoevsky: His Readings” we accept articles dedicated to writers, whose works defined Dostoevsky’s authorial horizons, the ones, who were important throughout his whole life, and became a beacon for his creative pursuit. The section serves the purpose of opening the deep sources of Dostoevsky’s themes, artistic method, worldview, and of his philosophical and theological insights into the art of major European authors.