D.Sc. in Philology



Ph.D. Thesis: The Nihilistic Worldview of Stavrogin (2002)

Dr.Hab. Thesis: The Theme of Sin in Dostoevsky's Works: The Brothers Karamazov (2008)


Research interests: Dostoevsky, White emigrants in Japan, Russian as a Foreign Language.


Selected Works

- "An Alternative Use of Russian Primary School Textbooks: Teaching Materials for Foreign Learners of Russian at the Intermediate Level". Zapad i Vostok: peresecheniia kul'tur: II vsemirnyi congress v real'nom i virtual'nom rezhime [East and West: At the Crossroad of Cultures: 2nd World Congress in Real and Virtual Mode], vol. 2, 2019, pp. 508-512. In English.

- "'Istoria tsarstvovania Filippa Vtorogo' U.Kh. Preskotta kak odin iz istochnikov poemy 'Velikii inkvizitor' Dostoevskogo" ["The History of the Reign of Philip the Second by William H. Prescott as a Source for Dostoevsky's Poem of the Grand Inquisitor"]. Dostoevskii i sovremennost' [Dostoevsky and Modernity], 2014, pp. 95-107. In Russ.

- "'Zhit' na lune': religiia i nauka v 'Besakh' i 'Sne smeshnogo cheloveka'" ["'To Live on the Moon': Religion and Science in The Demons and The Dream of a Ridiculous Man"]. Dostoevskii i sovremennost' [Dostoevsky and Modernity], 2011, pp. 152-159. In Russ.