Author: Nina V. Tsvetkova
Information about the author:

Associate Professor at the Literature Department Pskov State University, Candidate of Sciences (Philology).

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Issue: 2018 no. 2
Pages: 127-150
UDK: 821.161.1
Keywords: Shevyrev, «Ultimately Human», «An Ultimate Human being», «the Russian idea» Pushkin. Dostoevsky.
Abstract: The article discovers the «Russian idea» in late Shevyrev’s works, whose key concept is «Ultimately Human». This concept explains the Russian Literature and the Russian character in A. Pushkin. The conclusions made on the analysis of different scientific papers, lectures on the Russian literature, the monograph «The History of Russian Literature», etc. claim Shevyrev to be a direct predecessor of Dostoevsky in the «Writer’s Diary» and the «Speech on Pushkin» of the latter.